In the Heart of the Cotswolds - The Moonstone Project
8. General Building and Blockwork

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Moonstone Project Introduction
01. Existing Cottage & Demolition Works
02. ArchiCAD & Planning Proposals
03. Basement Floor and Blockwork Walls
04. Quadlock - ICF Concrete System
05. Basement Slabs
06. Waterproofing of Guest Wing Slab
07. Tanking to Walls
08. General Building and Blockwork
09. Slinkies
10. Boreholes
11. Steel Erection
12. Zinc Roof
13. Stone Lintels
14. Stone Walls
15. Gull Wings
16. Flat Roofs
17. Solar Systems
18. Oak Frame
19. Becker : Triple Glazing
20. Toughened
21. Timber Cladding
22. Heat Recovery Earth Pipes
23. Insulation & Passiv Haus
24. Solar Panels
25. Aquatron & Poo
26. Reed Beds
27. Underfloor Heating
28. Tiling
29. Stone Bath and Polishing Floors
30. Steel Staircase & Balustrades
31. Weather
32. Technology and Lighting
33. Kitchens and Fitted Furniture
34. Glass Stairs and Glass Box


With Gary and Geoff laying the blocks, all I had to do was keep the blocks laying next to them, and making sure all the mortar was always on hand, the fact that each new level rarely took us more than a week to construct shows the pace that we worked under. This pace wouldn't have been achievable without the Silo mixers from Euromix and the use of a 10m telescopic Manitou forklift. The Euromix silos, delivered exactly the right mix, right strength, right consistency, right colour each and every time with zero waste - it's like having a huge food processor at your finger tips. With each 150mm thick dense concrete block weighing 12 kgs each - shifting thousands my hand at a time is physically exhausting.